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Jun 05


hey!! lately i’ve been seeing tons of resource masterposts and i decided that i’d be easier if all of these masterposts were combined into one mega masterpost!! i couldn’t possibly link them all but i also added tons of my own links, this took absolutely forever so please, enjoy! :~)
200 words that describe light
how to keep a journal
read some slam poetry
huge writing masterpost 
how to reveal character
help with writer’s block
find the word that’s on the tip of your tongue
find out which author you write like
write interactive books  (kind of like choose your own adventure)
good brainstorming/ organizing tool
zen writing tool
word on the tip of your tongue?
use big and interesting words
Inspiration 1
Instead of ‘whispered’
Music for writing fight scenes
Writing fantasy
Emotions vocab sheet
How to reveal character
Writers block resource
Writing a death scene
Music to help you write
Writing prompt generators
Got writers block?
How to torture a character
Degrees of emotion
ULTIMATE writing ref
Character names
Body language
25 days of fic
how to write a good essay
Writing people of colour
nanowrimo start kit
All Authors need to Know
Alternatives to ‘said’
more writing tips
read books online for free
read/post fanfiction
read/post stories
Want to know who you write like?
10 sites to download free audio books
character flaws
200 words to describe light
Obscure color words
Body Language Cheat Sheet
Awesome colors to describe eyes
download free books
download free kindle books
how to survive college 
Scholarpedia (basically Wikipedia but with reliable sources)
solve any math problem
how to effectively pull an all-nighter
teaches everything
An already typed essay at your fingertips(type the subject and press random stuff and an essay forms)
bibliography maker
Didn’t listen in class?
look for your worksheets on here
finals survival guide
free microsoft word alternative
homework help
learn geography
make flash cards
math problem solver (2)
Masterpost of writing software
online ruler
pull an all nighter but do well on your exam
Stress Analyst
when to go to sleep/wake up
how to wake up in the morning
learn how to study
Masterlist of study tips
How to cite
Take online college courses
How to multiply big numbers
sleep calculator (wake up feeling refreshed!)
chrome site blocker (use these to block websites so you can finally get work done!!)
firefox site blocker
mac site blocker
have some self control (for macs also)
focus playlist (i use this to study all the time!)
how to find focus
noise generator to help you relax
chill playlist
concentration playlist
study playlist
coffee shop blues
masterpost of sounds of nature
get a cute kitten after doing your work!!
beauty (credit for most of these!)
how to improve your self-esteem (because you’re beautiful!)
flaws to embrace
Newspaper nail tutorial
fun makeup masterpost
filling in eyebrows
twin buns
how to contour
everyday makeup routine
how to make any color of lipstick… from crayons
natural beauty remedies
the trick to liquid eyeliner
messy bun tutorial
skirt types
Black/gold ref 1
Cosplay eye makeup
Rotting skin halloween makeup
cool makeup tips
stylish eye makeup 
fashion guide/vocabulary
makeup hacks
gradient lip makeup
different ways to braid your hair
messy buns tutorial
how to make your own temporary tattoo
apply eyeliner, mascara, and curl lashes with a spoon
5 of the best foundations 
acne foundation routine
best powder foundations
quick foundation tip
how to apply liquid foundation
makeup highlights tutorial
blush for your skin tone
how to apply bronzer
how to contour your face
apply blush like a pro
blush according to your face shape
fake freckles with make-up
wash your face correctly
how to wash your face 101
ombre eyeliner
d.i.y. gel liner
get the perfect winged liner
get winged liner using tape
awesome eyeliner tricks
9 different eyeliner looks
different eyeliner styles
guide to applying eyeshadow
suit your eyeshadow to your eyes
glittery smoky eye
get the perfect smoky eye
get beautiful lashes
how to apply fake lashes
best eyebrows for your face shape
get the perfect eyebrows 
eyebrow solutions
make-up tricks for brown eyes
get rid of dark circles
how to change your eye shape
a shade for every occasion
kool-aid lip stain
best lipsticks for blondes
hot red lips
how to get gradient lips
lipstick shades for fall
how to make any lipstick look matte
get soft kissable lips
make-up brush tutorial 
brush tricks
clean your makeup brushes
make-up brush guide
long lasting makeup tricks
victoria’s secret model tips
saving face
beginner’s guide
when will it expire?
10 makeup tips from mac
best tips from professionals
18 beauty essentials
basics you should own
tons of resources for textures/psds/and backrounds
tons of theme makers
theme hunter
learn how to make tumblr themes
pixels galore
more pixels
good pixel blog
kawaii emoji’s
textures galore
psds galore
tumblr picture sizes
mass tag replacer
huge theme-related download pack
post a bunch of things from a blog’s archive 
really good redux edits
code for ask box 
see problems with your blog/website
see your old themes (also switch back to a theme!)
Check your post limit
Photoshop tutorials
Find any reaction GIF
Photo Editing
punk edit tutorial
remove backgrounds without photoshop
topaz-like action
Photo editing downloads for free
glitch tutorial
double exposure effect
photoshop brushes masterpost
this blog has a lot of ps resources
so does this one
how to download photoshop for mac for free
how to download photoshop for pc for free
in depth tutorial on how to make a gif
pretty much any photoshop tutorial you will ever need
photoshop help (2) (3) (4)
resources for photoshop
convert youtube to mp3
find mp3 files for any song
Music to help you write
avatar soundtrack
broadway musical soundtracks (amazing)
nirvana’s albums
panic! at the disco 
ed sheeran
amy winehouse
all time low
unreleased katy perry
punk goes …
fall out boy (not the newest album)
sleeping with sirens
imagine dragons
darren criss
green day
how to draw ears
how to make an animated film
learn how to draw anything
turn your paper art into digital
skeleton practice drawing tool thingy
how to draw semi- realistic eyes
how to make pixel art
good reference for drawing water
free digital sculpting tool
silk - interactive generative art
Painting tutorial
Female/male arms
Kneeling + Sitting ref
Dragon head view tutorial
SAI brushes 86786
Drawing expressions
Sai Brushes 1
NGE colour palette 1
100+ colour palletes
Avoiding same face
Face contours/highlighting 
free art MyPaint
Body anatomy help 1
How to shift images using blur in PS
Drawing clothe folding
How to draw ice
Colour palette 1
Colour palette 2
SAI brush settings 2
SAI/PS pixel brushes
Warm/Cool gray
Flower crown tutorial
Skin colour palette
Pink colour sheet
How to draw butts&thighs
The male torso
Drawing glowing stuff in SAI
Drawing horse/animal legs on humans
Drawing clouds
Muscular male with bow stock photos
Pastel colours
Drawing grass fields in SAI
All about the human body
20+ colour palettes 
Colour conversion
Kissing ref
Creature design 
Colour meanings
Creating expression
Tutorial masterpost (100+)
How to colour
Pose studies
Feline comparisons
How to draw penis
Leaf pressing
100+ anatomy references 
How to draw folds
SAI brushes 3
Sitting poses
Colour palette 4
Cloud painting
How to draw 3D rooms
Colour info
Colouring ref
Hair tutorial
Clothing ref
Bodies and poses
SAI brushes 5
Colour scheme designer
Folding ref
Paint tool SAI masterpost
Drawing ref masterpost (10+)
How to draw faces
SAI brushes 4
Anatomy of mutant humans
What should I draw?
Free art software
pastel colour ref
Mass art ref
Soft SAI brushes
ways to draw stuff
SAI brush settings
baseball cap ref
Penis ref
Drawing human wings
Cool free art software
Huge art ref
Colour blender
2 SAI brushes
Photoshop for free 
How to accurately draw arms
anatomy and rotation of the head
human anatomy for artists
speed drawing studies
nude references
arm and wing movement 
beer bellies
body types
box and egg/run of the stroke
a trick for arm proportions
body diversity
anatomy of the waist
hands and forearms
Boredom masterpost 
really interesting websites
cute videos
free hugs
fun sites masterpost
useless websites
play some dumb games
color matching game
games you played back in the day
really cute online games
cards against humanity pdf (a must!!)
sushi cat 
takes you to a random location and you have to guess where you are
akinator, the web genie (like guess who!!)
create a fake tweet
Feeling down?
talk it out
the quiet place
need a hug?
just breathe.
cute yahoo answers
emergency compliment
draw a stickman
coping skills and distractions
calming gif
givesmehope (so adorable!!)
break something
cut something (blood) (trigger warning)
get a hug
play cute games
Receive Compliments
see something cute
how to love yourself 
Stuff to do if you’re having a bad day
Stuff you can do to help someone smile
Alternative to self harm 
Basic ED recovery help
Alternative to self harm (2)
Alternative to self harm (3)
Someone to talk to
How to deal/talk with bipolar and depressed people
If you’re having a bad night
Movies to watch when you’re down
watch tons of tv/movies
movies for when you can’t sleep
movies by genre
disney movies (so good omg)
harry potter movies
johnny depp movies
zombie movies
movies on youtube!
A list of scary movies with recovery
A list of teen movies
Disney Channel Movies from 1998-2013
One of the best movie selections
tumblr dedicated to find finding movies
when to pee during a movie
Hannibal ( back-up link )
Adventure Time 
Bob’s Burgers (1-3)
How I Met Your Mother
Who’s Line Is It Anyway
Kitchen Nightmares
Teen Wolf
Bates Motel
Game Of Thrones
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Ghost Adventures
Orphan Black
Orange Is The New Black
American Horror Story
Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Criminal Minds
Supernatural (season 1) (season 2) (season 3) (season 4) (season 5) (season 6) (season 7) (season 8)
Freaks and Geeks
Bad Girls Club
Game Of Thrones
Whose Line is It Anyway
Breaking Bad
thousands of quick and easy snack recipes
cheap & healthy snacks
quick and easy soup recipes
chocolate muffin in a mug tutorial
study snacks
40 on-the-go breakfast recipes
macaroni cheese / mac&cheese in a cup
panera mac n cheese recipe
different salad recipes
fricking recipes
harry potter recipes
healthy recipes
s’mores pie
nutella hot chocolate
peanut butter nutella swirl cookies
cookie in a mug
starbucks holiday drinks
fruit leathers (like fruit roll-ups, only much better)
Yummy apple thing
Cookie in a cup
French bread pizza
Egg tacos
How to microwave more than one bowl at a time
How to make the perfect cup of tea
Peach cobbler
Healthy lunches
Tons of pies
Cookie dough you can eat
Why you should go vegan
Shelf life of food
How to make different looking cookies
Website for lack of ingredients 
Cheeseburger cupcakes
Deep-dish cookie for one
daily workout 
tone your arms without weights
pilates workout for a slimmer waist
abs all night challenge
bye bye muffin top 
1-2-3 ab work out
get a flat stomach
What Makes You Bootyful Challenge
Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge
Your Best Butt
lean legs pyramid 
dancer’s legs workout
legs like eleanor calder
8 minute morning work out
cardio/strength workout
fat blaster workout
Burning stomach fat


hey!! lately i’ve been seeing tons of resource masterposts and i decided that i’d be easier if all of these masterposts were combined into one mega masterpost!! i couldn’t possibly link them all but i also added tons of my own links, this took absolutely forever so please, enjoy! :~)




beauty (credit for most of these!)


Photo Editing




Feeling down?




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Apr 29

Pearls of Wisdom #2

Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. Once you start on that path you’ll be so distracted by the awe filled excitement of ‘holy cow I’m actually doing it.’ That you’ll forget to be afraid.

Aug 16


There is a point that I wonder what is going on in my subconscious. In all points and accounts I should be in a great mood I had a week off. I have friends to hang out with and projects to do and a bunch of other great things.

Yet I’m pissy and upset. And want to snap at the people around me. Blah. Hormones I guess. /rage quit life.

May 24


You sir, are intoxicating. You have infiltrated my dreams and cause me hours of sweet sleep. I wake with the images of you teasing my mind. Wishing you were next to me. Silly as it may seem to say, but you’re the man of my dreams. 

In those dreams where reality is nigh and contracts are naught I know every curve of your body. From your ears to you knees I know how your body curves, how each one feels in my hands, and how you lips taste. 

But that is a dream. A dream of fancy. Child’s play at best. Yet still in reality I am ensnared. I cannot escape the idea of my dreams. I cannot do more then sit silently and wait for more dreams though they rarely come when I want them to. 

I see your name and my heart thumps. I see your face and a smile quickens upon my lips. The feelings over take me and I cannot help but become more entangled into your trap. Each time my heart, my mind make a move back to reality you trigger it all again. My heart, my mind, my body, my soul is engulfed in every idea, every phantom of you. Perhaps its love or perhaps it is lust that drags me willing back into your arms. It matters not for I am a willing participant of this game. 

A word here, I smile at your voice. A joke there, I’m inthralled at your implication. A small touch, I shiver inwardly so that I might not let my thoughts, my feelings, my desires be known. 

Unable to forget. Unable to let it show. I am the slave you will never know. 


May 06


In the cool folds of darkness the world of sleep eludes me. Safe and sound. Carefree and calm. I know not why but I fight with my subconscious on who should be dominate over my brain. I will lose in the end. For a multiple of hours and once I reclaim myself I will be happy and rested. This still doesn’t explain why sleep is chased away right now. Hopefully I’ll get an answer but until then I’ll wait and watch the stars move across the sky.

Apr 25

Pearls of Wisdom #1

You should live each day with the intentions of being unforgettable to someone.

Mar 10


There are times when I question what is happening around me. Is this the life that I wanted? Is this the things I dreamt of? Part of me says no. That is the part of me that fights. She looks at herself in the mirror and refuses to believe what other people told her. “Fat” “Ugly” “Stupid” “Slut” “Whore” “Four-Eyes” The list continues but they are just words and they lose power when the people saying them are insignificant. Countless times I’ve wondered what shaped me into who I am. What curved my sexual desires. What started my fantasies. 

Part of me knows what caused it. That is the part of me that wants so badly that the  other half has to hold her back. The desire to trust. To utterly and completely trust someone. That is a beautiful and precious thing. There is a fine line that is between the two. 

On the one hand I want to be dominated. I want to be told. I want to trust someone enough to do that. The part of me that wants that, to at least experience that in some way is saddened greatly by the fact that she honest to truth doesn’t believe she will find it. Doesn’t believe she will get that. 

On the other I want to be in control. To know what is happening at all times. I need a balance. I need something. I just feel… like I’m lacking. 

I want to feel my pulse quicken and my heart beat. I want to hear myself laugh again. A real laugh. This sudo-ok to super stressed depressed state doesn’t really work for me. Wow it is 4:30am already. Proof that my insomnia is active again. 

Here is to hoping we all find that balance in our lives. 

Mar 05

Pick Your Battles

When in a relationship we often find ourselves in situations, both big and small, where problems arise. Why is it so important that we win or lose every situation?

This particular question arises from the purchase of a new router and my husband’s opinion of what the new router password will be. He has picked out a router of a brand that I don’t trust and have has issues with in the past. Now I am stuck with it. I didn’t fight over this. I proceeded to comment on what the new router password will be. I had created and memorized our old one, a more complex combination of numbers. He could never remember the password though once it was saved on his devices it really didn’t matter.

Any way. We started going back and forth over the password. Taking my extremely good mood and great day I was having and slowly turning it down into a moderate to bad day.

Lines of the argument included but were not limited to:

Him- “Why do you want to use that type of password any way it’s too long and confusing?”

Me - “Because I want no excuse or chance of anyone guessing the password.”

Him- “No one is going to guess that password and if they can get past the password on the router they can get past your bank password and that’s the more important one to keep safe.”(implying that my bank password is simple and easy to guess. Which it is not.)

Me - “Why are you making such a big deal out of this? I just want the router to be protected and locked”

Him - “Why are you making such a big deal out of this I just want a different password.”

Me - “And I just want to feel like its secure”

There were more points thrown about including about how it wasn’t that difficult to memorize the code.

Needless to say his final statement of the argument was “Why can’t I just get what I want?” I made a choice. I could have gone into a number of reasons why or rather a number of arguments that would have ended up making. Both our days worse. Or I could bite the bullet.

I bit the bullet. Some place in the back of my mind all I could hear was pick your battles.

I told him in a voice that the kids I look after would know for unhappy and more then a bit pissed off. He either didn’t pick up on it or didn’t care.

Now I’m sitting here questioning what battles I want to fight and what ones I want to accept defeat on. What I want to fight for and what isn’t worth my time.

Let go of the little things and let the big things be what causes waves and wake in the waters of your life.

- Z & B

Jan 18

Darkness’ Embrace

A howl in the distance. The moon waxed above, in a night sky full of stars. I here the call. The laughter on the wind, the too dark shadows in the trees. The children of the night are out to play. I can feel it in my bones. This is what I’ve lived for. The electricity in the air, humming with excitement. A swift movement catches my eye and I see it fully for the first time, him. The Prince of Darkness.

He smiles and walks into the trees. I follow at a quick pace. ‘I will not lose him this time’ I tell myself as my heart starts to pound. I see him a few trees away. He turns to me and winks. I look back at the house and turn to look at him again. He is gone. “No” My voice echoes in my throat. I stand there looking at the spot where he stood. Sighing I walk over, bending to touch where he left an impression in the grass.

I catch it then, his sweet smell. I try to follow it. Running faster and faster, using my nose as my only guide, further into the forest. I follow his sent until it is gone. “No” I cried allowed this time, my own voice sounding hollow and lonely to my own ears. I lean against a near by tree, moonlight cascading through the branches leaving hauntingly beautiful shadows playing across my body. Looking around and seeing nothing that looks familiar I try to stay calm. Tears start to fall before I realize it . Using the tree as a brace I slide down till I can pull my knees to my head. Lost and scared I sit there waiting for my mind to come up with a plan to get me back home. Lost in thought, I didn’t notice the shadows change and a large shadow falling across me.

“Why do you weep my little night flower?” A voice, like velvets touch to the ears, purrs. I freeze in fear. When I give no response he gently placed a finger under my chin and raises my face to look at him. I gasp at the sight of his face so close to mine. What they said was true. This prince‘s face is perfection. His eyes seemed to be carved in part form the glaciers that sit atop this world. His dark black hair looked as fine and as smooth as silk.

Watching my reaction to him he smiles at me and asks again. “Why do you weep my little night flower?”

Inhaling his sent deeply I try to speak but the words don’t come. I try again but still nothing. I take in a third deep breath and I start to feel calm and safe. I look up into his eyes and speak.

“I thought I had lost you.”

“‘Lost me?’ Never…” He smiled slowly, his eyes locking with mine.

The wind picked up for a moment and blew his sent into the air. It surrounded me, swallowed me and threatened to never let go. I closed my eyes inhaling the intoxicating smell that was him. He pulls me from the tree and into the small meadow, into full moonlight. Looking at me again I see him open his arms for me. I cannot help but move toward him. Once close enough his arms engulfed me completely as did his soul binding kiss. When I opened my eyes again I found myself in Darkness’ Embrace.



Side note to you, Ask yourself where is she when she opens her eyes?

True or False?

"A poem is never finished, only abandoned." -  Paul Valery 

We’re not sure if we agree with this statment but we do know that we can go back, years later and look at some of my poetry and really wonder what we was thinking or we can reword things to fit better. It saddens us greatly that our work was up to par with ourselves then but it is vastly under our work now. We’re not sure if that is because We’re older or slightly more educated or if its because we know more of what we want now. Either way the muse is awake so some day we will revisit the old .doc folder and see what we can uncover.


Basi & Zivanka